Fodor's Review

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PROS / In addition to member reviews, each professional review contains interesting restaurant tidbits and menu suggestions.

CONS / Members cannot add new restaurants to the site - they can only write reviews for those already reviewed by Fodor’s travel experts.

VERDICT / Fodor’s is ideal for finding great restaurants in far-off travel destinations.

Spending your honeymoon in an exotic locale? Taking the whole family on an excursion to Europe? When it comes to traveling to a far-off destination, Fodor’s is one of the best restaurant review websites to help you plan incredible dining experiences no matter where you are going. Fodor’s, a well-known travel guide website, boasts a comprehensive restaurant reviews section brimming with robust dining reviews.

Fodor’s restaurant ratings are based on four criteria: food, atmosphere, service and value. Each one is given an individual rating of up to 5 points and the four numbers are averaged to obtain an overall rating (e.g. 3.8/5).

Each restaurant review is comprised of an average rating, a Fodor’s review (the site has more than 700 professional travel writers all over the world), and member reviews. Fodor’s reviews are entertaining and informative; each one provides a general sense of what one can expect and even offers up a few menu recommendations. Members cannot add restaurants, they can only write supplemental reviews for those already reviewed by Fodor’s. For quality assurance, all member reviews are read by Fodor’s staff before they are posted on the site.

One thing Fodor’s lacks (especially when compared to similar sites) is a set of more comprehensive restaurant stats. Each review has the restaurant address and contact info, the price range and type of cuisine. In addition, you can map its location (just be sure to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker) and it tells you which major credit cards are accepted.

To quickly access the restaurant reviews on the Fodor's homepage, click “Restaurants” in the top navigation bar. From there, you have to pick a location; you can choose from their list of top destinations or click on the shown map.

While the site does have myriad locations to choose from (many of them specific destinations, such as the Grand Canyon), other search options are rather limited. Once you have selected a location, you can only search by price, type of cuisine (there’s only approximately 10 listed), and location (a neighborhood or area within the selected location). There is a search bar located at the top of each page but when used, it searches the entire site, not just the restaurant reviews site.

The best features and additional information available on the Fodor’s website are general travel features – they aren’t tailored specifically for the restaurant section. For example, you can sign up for their free travel newsletter, get customized travel recommendations and use their travel planner to plan your hotel, dining and leisure activities for your next trip. In addition, the site offers comprehensive and helpful FAQs, travel blogs and a travel deals section with a wide variety of travel discounts and special offers.

For a company as reputable and well-established as Fodor’s, it comes as no surprise that their website is organized, polished and professional. Navigation is highly intuitive and users should have no difficulty finding what they’re looking for and perusing the site.


Search options may be limited but the information and benefit the website can provide hungry travelers is not. Whether you are traveling in the continental United States or to a foreign country, Fodor’s is your go-to website to help you find the best eateries within your budget at your chosen travel destination.